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The world didn't end in 2012, but it felt like my life did. Unfortunately it wasn't a dream, so I guess I have to keep on going in my life. Follow me on my journey in finding financial balance, making memories and becoming in control of my own health. 2014, here i come!
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Bingo at the movies!? Hell yea #troll2 #camera3

Troll 2! Yea, I love him. ❤️ lets see what happens #troll2 #psychodonuts #camera3 #

Good luck my love on your first day of work. It’s the beginning of a new chapter in our lives and I couldn’t be prouder of you. I love you! ❤️🐯❤️🐻❤️👴❤️👵

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Madeline’s #lechebakery #dreams #madelines

Do!-nuts. #lechebakery #dreams #donuts #pink

DO!-nuts #lechebakery #dreams #donuts

Baking Madeline’s with @alby_gram ❤️😍

Dating a man with a child has been the most amazing unexpected moment of my life. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Dealing with someone who can’t stand to see your face or be around you, treating like you’re nonexistent to the point where you feel you don’t matter has been a challenge during this whole time. I have been by my boyfriends side for over 2 years and known him for longer. I’ve helped my boyfriend out without him even asking because I love him and I love his son. I know I shouldn’t care what she thinks or that she doesn’t acknowledge what she’s put me through (without any action from me to begin with), but its hard not to care. Just a hi, thank you, something. 

It does get to me sometimes because I want nothing more then for everyone to get along. Something, that she appreciates me being a part of her sons life that she trusts me to take care of him and impart some knowledge and wisdom in him. I want nothing more. 

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Unfortunately I have to continue to be the outcast, the one who has to stay in the car while the baby is being dropped off. The one who isn’t even acknowledged when you are  2 feet away from me. The one who feels that you are literally seeing right through me. The one you won’t pass a glance to. The one you won’t even say hi to. The one who feels that no matter what I do, I will always be see as the enemy. Someone who must not be acknowledge and might as well not even exist. 

Maybe one day things will change. For the time being I’ll keep moving forward and smile because God gave me a beautiful bright smile to show the world. 

Though at times I feel low and under appreciated, every night I thank God for everything I have, been taught and things I will have in the future.

Thank you. 

Beautiful wedding! Congrats @emichalhair

Fireplace ON! Fuck yea!



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